Hell is other people with mobile devices

Cell phones have replaced cigarette smoking as the obnoxious way to annoy the people around you. Listening to music, watching loud videos, loud convos and face timing when the people, like me, around you are not interested. This is the bay area. How to annoy the people around you. Our brains strain when we only get partial information. It’s stressful. The loud guy on the mobile has become every other person oblivious to the noise and chaos they create.

Children and families playing games or watching videos in restaurants, torturing the people around them instead of learning manners, conversation skills and communication skills, or how to eat quietly, chewing your food mindfully. It’s like smoking crack in public, these addictive screens. I’m in purgatory for sometimes allowing this.

If I listen to metal loudly in my car I roll up the windows. I apologize if you can still hear it, but I assume most people don’t want to.

It’s like chewing food loudly with your mouth open. It’s the end of manners. My grandmothers would hate it all. They’d say very derogatory things, especially my Gma Keatts. Like acid, her comments about “crude” people would be. We have lost our way.

Essays, poetry, and prose. Published novelist, working on memoir/ novel, art, and other things.

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