Some books and thoughts about books, other things…

Intense day at work, now chilling with friends on zoom. My daughter is reading, almost time for bed. I can work on my memoir or read, just so tired.

Feel like reading Shelley, philosophy. I was looking through the New Yorker, reading about Berryman.

I wrote some poems recenrly. Don’t want to freak out tonight…it’s been a long day, long days. Feeling sad… but good things are happening. I know I’ll sleep well tonight…probably. I want to read Broch again. Death of Virgil and the Mandarins (Beauvoir) were two of my favorite books when I was in my twenties. I was rereading Kafka’s The Trial, great beginning scene but so long… I had more patience in my twenties. Or I was just obsessed with Kafka, Beckett. The Beckett Trilogy is insanely, surprisingly long.

I loved the Castle and failed to finish The Magic Mountain (Mann), I tried so hard. Now I can patiently read philosophy and deal with people….…long. Corporate tech life. Crazy. I love it really. It’s like the Mandarins but normal people not famous French writers in WW2 Paris.

Now… I am trying to detach from screens, tech. Reduce. Paper books, meditation, mantra, prayer. Listening. Being with my daughter. Biking with her on my fixie, skating. Napping. Calling my mom in the hospital…with Abhaya. Learning about pacemakers.

Essays, poetry, and prose. Published novelist, working on memoir/ novel, art, and other things.

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